“AT&T is one of the gold-standard companies in the world. In supplier diversity, AT&T was the first corporate to step forward and say, ‘This is an initiative of ours.’” – Adam Moore

As a company, AT&T is a name most recognize. If you’re reading this and you’re in the US, there’s a good chance you’re viewing this on an AT&T network. Because of their sheer size and coverage, it’s actually challenging to go out of AT&T’s range of service. What most people don’t know about the telecommunications giant is that it planted some of the first seeds of supplier diversity. Regardless of your views on their services, they pioneered supplier diversity programs, making them a champion in the industry.

This episode describes why we see AT&T as the gold standard for supplier diversity efforts. We explain the difference between a company’s mission and vision and how they relate to each other. We discuss how companies can inspire younger workers to stay. We also share the importance of interacting with customers as if you’re being recorded.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Getting a closer look at AT&T and whether they live up to their mission and vision
  • Why AT&T’s values make it an impressive corporation
  • How a small company can approach big corporations like AT&T
  • The difference between a mission and a vision
  • Building political money to spend on supplier diversity
  • How younger generations can be enticed to stay with your business
  • What it means to be a purpose-driven company
  • Assuming every customer interaction is being recorded

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