Welcome to Hire Ground, where we delve into the strategies that cultivate an inclusive and thriving workplace. Today’s episode, featuring the insightful Vicky Brown, CEO of Idomeneo Enterprises, takes us on a journey through the intricacies of creating an empowering employee experience. With a wealth of knowledge in HR and employee training, Vicky’s approach to shaping a positive corporate culture and improving interdepartmental relationships is both practical and transformative.

Vicky Brown is renowned for her capacity to merge HR best practices with a deep understanding of the organizational culture. She is an advocate for structured onboarding processes, developing comprehensive employee handbooks, engaging leadership training, and fostering affinity groups. Throughout her career, Vicky’s dedication to nurturing trust and respect in the workplace has shaped her as a respected voice in her field.

“People need to feel trusted and respected in the workplace—it’s about more than just a paycheck; it’s about dignity.” – Vicky Brown

This week on Hire Ground:

  • The pivotal role of structured onboarding to influence employee perceptions.
  • The merit of a customized, living employee handbook that reflects and evolves with your company’s culture.
  • The influence of a manager’s interaction on team members’ engagement and organizational loyalty.
  • The significance of consistent leadership training to effectively manage and inspire teams.
  • The importance of empowering employees with trust, respect, and timely compensation.
  • Challenges of implementing effective HR policies and the promise of an employee handbook.
  • The potential of affinity groups to strengthen organizational culture and employee connection.
  • Vicky Brown’s journey as an HR professional and how mentorship has paid it forward.


Connect with Vicky Brown:

Idomeneo Enterprises


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