On this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building a Higher Ground, I had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Moore and Cloe Guidry Reed about the future of supplier diversity in 2024. In the rapidly evolving world of supplier diversity, Adam and Cloe delved into the emerging trends and challenges that businesses should prepare for in the coming year.

Cloe Guidry Reed is a distinguished figure in the supplier diversity sector, known for her strategic leadership and innovative approach at Higher Ground. With a rich background in business and diversity initiatives, Cloe has been instrumental in shaping the conversation around economic inclusion and supplier diversity. Her expertise drives impact and fosters a culture of organizational diversity and equity. Cloe is highly sought after for her insights on emerging trends and her commitment to sustainable practices.

“Harder conversations… It goes back to positioning your team as a potential revenue generator. If you’re not doing that, you’re really not doing a good job promoting the team.” – Adam Moore

Today on Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground:

  • Technology’s Role: Embracing the potential of AI and technology to streamline and enhance supplier diversity programs to meet compliance goals and reporting needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The importance of aligning supplier diversity initiatives with business goals and objectives to demonstrate value back to the organization.
  • Supply Chain Shifts: Anticipating an uptick in onshore manufacturing and the impact on pricing and inflation while companies hold steady in response to the upcoming election year.
  • Industry-Specific Conferences: Supplier diversity professionals should be intentional about attending conferences and building partnerships with industry-specific suppliers.
  • Intentionality and Education: The value of intentional attendance at conferences, focusing on educational sessions, and building connections within the community.
  • Economic Landscape: Understanding the potential impact of economic conditions, regulatory changes, and the need for supplier diversity practitioners to drive strategic impact within their organizations.
  • Messaging and Perception: Addressing messaging challenges in the renewable energy sector and the urgency of addressing climate change.
  • Collaboration for Progress: The future of supplier diversity initiatives will require collaboration across industries and political lines to ensure market readiness and the widespread adoption of inclusive practices.


Contact Adam Moore and Cloe Guidry Reed on LinkedIn for more insights and updates on supplier diversity and economic inclusion.

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