How Hire Ground Works for Buyers

Source and manage diverse suppliers, monitor risk in real time, and track the economic impact of your supplier inclusion spend. Hire Ground can help your supply chain inclusion program succeed at all stages, from planning through implementation to improvement.

Set Up Your Account

Quick and easy to complete, your Hire Ground profile helps lead great diverse suppliers to you.


Upload Existing Suppliers

Track performance of your current supplier roster and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.


Discover New Suppliers

Find minority-, women-, veteran-, and LGBT-owned businesses that can drive innovation and boost value.


Post Opportunities

Increase the cost-effectiveness and transparency of the tendering process with smart supplier-opportunity matching, instant proposal submission, and direct invitations.


Monitor Risk

Optimize your supply chain in real time with a dashboard tracking supplier budgets, activity, and output, and alerts you to risks like liens, judgments, and credit risk.

Buyers Love Us

We connect you with certified diverse suppliers that can advance your organization strategically. Powered by smart technology, our platform securely automates and accelerates key components of your supply chain inclusion program.
We also offer expertise in supplier training and development so you can maximize long-term supplier value to your organization.

Instant Access to Diverse Suppliers

Reduce the time and cost required to find, hire, and onboard suppliers.

Seamless API Integration

Increase the value you get from your current ERP and supply chain management systems swiftly and simply

We’re Here for You

Practical insights and support from Hire Ground experts ensure the successful development, launch, and optimization of your supplier inclusion program.

We Vet Every Supplier

To save you even more time and effort, we make sure every diverse supplier on the Hire Ground platform is certified, capable, and available.