How Buyers Can Use Hire Ground To Succeed

Source verified diverse suppliers, monitor risk in real time and track the economic impact of your supplier inclusion spend. Hire Ground can save your supplier team time and money, giving your supplier inclusion program the support it needs to achieve success.


Set Up Your Account In Minutes

A Hire Ground account makes it easy for certified diverse suppliers to find and apply to your posted opportunities.


Upload Current Suppliers

Track performance of your current supplier roster and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.


Find New Suppliers

Start your search for minority-, women-, veteran-, and LGBT-owned suppliers. Gain traction and drive innovation with diverse suppliers that boost the value of your business and help you scale operations.


Post Opportunities

Secure relationships with qualified diverse suppliers that give you a competitive advantage. Use our smart supplier-opportunity matching, instant proposal submission, and direct invitations to optimize transparency and decrease costs during the supplier discovery process.


Supplier Monitoring Made Easy

Erase your supply chain pain points and keep track of vital information with a real-time data dashboard that tracks supplier budgets, activity, and output. Monitor suppliers at a glance and get alerts to risks like liens, judgments, and credit risks.

Automate and Accelerate Your Supplier Inclusion Program

Hire Ground uses smart technology to connect buyers with certified diverse suppliers that maximize the value of your supply chain.

Our platform strategically advances your organization using AI solutions that are enhanced by years of supplier training and development expertise.

Source Diverse Suppliers Instantly

Save time and resources searching for diverse suppliers. Find, hire, and onboard the right suppliers that further your supplier inclusion program goals with Hire Ground.

Seamless API Integration

Increase the value of your data by streamlining existing ERP and Supply Chain Management systems with a simple low-code API integration.

We’re Here to Help You Succeed

Achieve your diversity goals with elite insights and upgraded support. Hire Ground experts will guide you towards making the most sustainable decisions from development to launch and beyond.

Next-Level Supplier Vetting

We vet every diverse supplier to help buyers future-proof their supply chain. Optimize your supplier inclusion program with diverse suppliers from Hire Ground that are certified, capable, and available.