The Supply Chain Advisory Board for the University of Georgia is the primary contact between industry and Supply Chain professors and students.

Marty Parker is a UGA alumnus and lecturer who helped launch the UGA Supply Chain Advisory Board and is currently an honor supply chain leader for UGA. He is a partner at TechCXO, providing companies with on-demand executives. Marty is a Strategy Expert in Supply Chain with 25+ years of Operations, Supply Chain, Marketing, Strategic Planning, International Expansion, Factory Buildouts, M & M&A, ERP, CRM, and process improvement experience with key software tools, including SAP, Salesforce, and Arena Simulations. He is also the Chief Strategy Officer with Hire Ground. He is a valuable asset to the company’s strategic planning processes, creating greater transparency and accountability within those processes.

Aliana Stehr is a student at UGA and the Vice President of the UGA Supply Chain Advisory Board. Studying a BBA in Business Management with Emphasis in Supply Chain/Operations, she seeks a summer internship in the supply chain sector. Aliana has interned with Broadway Enterprises Inc, gaining experience with the latest warehouse inventory systems and getting hands-on experience with project leads. As a previous team leader with Chick-Fil-A and as an intern with the American Franchise Company, Aliana already has a diverse work education to bring to her studies and the career that will follow.

Marty and Aliana join us today to discuss what Diversity Supply Chain means and the goal of diversity hiring. We discuss the importance of creating next-generation talent in supplier diversity and what the profession’s elders can do for the new kids on the block. Ali shares her discovery of supply chain and explains the benefits the industry has to all different kinds of people from all different walks of life. We also discuss the upcoming and emerging technologies and what newcomers can expect when working with A.I. and robotics in business.

“The more diversity you have, the better performing team you will have.” – Marty Parker

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • What I.S. Supply Chain Management?
  • What UGA’s Supply Chain Advisory Board means for students and employers
  • Why Ali found a career in supply chain so attractive
  • How A.I. and digital transformation is transforming the supply landscape
  • Why adaptability is key with emerging industrial technologies
  • How a younger workforce can change the culture of a business for the better

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University of Georgia Supply Chain Advisory Board

In addition to ensuring the UGA’s supply chain curriculum meets employer’s needs, the board also connects employers with highly qualified students and joins corporate board members like Johnson and Johnson, Home Depot, and Chick-Fil-A to discover and hire tomorrows supply chain innovators today.

To learn more go to click on Alumni and find the Supply Chain Advisory Board there!

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