“To my small and diverse suppliers, there is no reason for you not to take part in conferences. There is no reason for you not to take part in networking events.” – Adam Moore

What is the future of in-person networking events? COVID completely changed the way we network, making in-person events impossible. However, virtual networking makes it easier to connect with peers and prospects; it also lowers all kinds of barriers, allowing more businesses to attend digital conferences and networking events. 

“It’s hard to get that level of excitement and engagement and make it feel like it’s an in-person event if there is not a portion of it that is really live.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

In today’s episode of Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground, hosts Cloe Guidry-Reed and Adam Moore discuss networking in the age of COVID and how it has changed for the better. They break down the barriers that in-person events raised and how the lowered cost of entry and availability helps everyone. Cloe and Adam talk about ways to cultivate a sense of community with digital events and how hybrid solutions may help. They also provide insights on how to be meaningful and deliberate when networking at virtual events, and the benefits of investing in better equipment like webcams to improve your professionalism. 

“The digital format breaks down cost barriers which is a huge barrier of entry in a lot of different industries, regardless of the product.” – Adam Moore

Instead of waiting for life to return to normal, you have an abundance of opportunities to make more meaningful connections with business clients – you can even attend multiple conferences in one day! To get the most out of virtual networking, you need to be prepared. 

“I think as business owners, we have to be really thoughtful when we talk about opportunity costs and time. Who should I really be networking with? What are some I should be going to?” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

This week on Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground:

  • The effects of COVID on networking events 
  • How virtual conferences break down cost barriers for small business
  • Promoting a sense of community with hybrid events
  • Ways to add excitement to live events for virtual audiences
  • Investing in equipment to improve your video quality
  • The saturation point of online events

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