“You’re about to learn a whole new language.” – Adam Moore

You’ve probably heard, or possibly said, this before: ‘I know that’s what I said, but that’s not what I meant’? In the corporate world, some of the language we fall back on is not helpful to the diverse members of an inclusive supply chain. For example, do you feel you come from a ‘disadvantaged’ background or an ‘underrepresented’ background? While these words have similar meanings in the context of diversity and inclusion, but, to the individuals they are describing, their definitions can differ greatly.

“When you look at next-generation entrepreneurs and when we think about who we want to be, we should be using words that are more empowering.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

In this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground, hosts Cloe Guidry-Reed and Adam Moore talk about communication in the supplier diversity and inclusion space, and how the words we use can be either empowering or reductive. They discuss how traditional terms used to address new-majority groups and individuals can obstruct communication with them. Your podcast hosts explore the pitfalls and risks associated with certain words, and how using thoughtful language helps break down barriers that new-majority communities face. We also look at corporate ‘safe speak’, which, good intentions notwithstanding, can create misunderstandings and leave new-majority group members feeling less understood by their associates.

 “Changing some of your language as organizations and as corporations would really help you attract some of these next-generation entrepreneurs.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground:

  • Why supplier diversity and inclusion requires a whole new language
  • Why supplier diversity and inclusion is a practice, not a program
  • How self-identity plays a huge role when communicating with diverse suppliers
  • Why we have to be intentional with our language when reaching out to new-majority groups
  • How corporations have mitigated risk in business language, leading to well-meaning but ‘cloudy’ communication
  • How understanding diverse cultures leads to clearer conversations
  • Why we need to understand how new business owners identify themselves

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