“It’s the individual purpose first; then connecting to the organizational purpose.” – Shannon Polson

Shannon Polson is a leadership speaker, author, and the founder of The Grit Institute, a leadership consulting company. Unlike many leadership training companies, The Grit Institute’s approach stems from a combination of Shannon’s military background and her corporate experiences. This allows her to provide leadership journeys in the most unique and engaging ways while remaining relatable. Shannon is also the author of The Grit Factor, where she talks about her experiences and insights as a female leader in a male-dominated society.

Shannon joins us to discuss how women can lead, whether in the military or the private sector. She describes her leadership experiences in the military and the challenges of transitioning to a corporate environment. She explains the process behind founding The Grit Institute and authoring The Grit Factor. She shares how employers can boost employee engagement and retention without spending a dime. Shannon also discusses the importance of feeling needed and appreciated by your organizational leaders, especially supervisors and managers.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Shannon’s experience as a woman in the military
  • Transitioning from the military to corporate environments
  • How Shannon’s military experience affected her professional career
  • The main driver of a successful business in today’s post-pandemic world
  • The inspiration behind The Grit Factor and The Grit Institute
  • What The Grit Institute offers to companies and their employees
  • Why employee retention rate is low these days
  • How listening to your team can boost employee engagement and retention
  • Distinguishing between strategic listening and active listening
  • The positive effects of one-on-one manager/employee engagement
  • Creating the alignment between corporate and individual goals
  • The importance of feeling recognized or needed by your employer
  • What it was like being featured in The Today Show

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