“There’s no shortage of opportunity – just be wise and pick the right category and area to focus on.” – Eric Hardy

Eric Hardy is the President and CEO of W3R Consulting, a 26-year-old staffing and consulting firm based in Southfield, Michigan. They provide talent consulting, advanced analytics solutions, and technology consulting to companies in various industries including insurance, healthcare, and retail. As President and CEO, Eric oversees the company’s day-to-day operations and creates strategies that will allow the organization to generate over $100 million within the next five years. Beyond being the leader of a successful consulting firm, Eric is also active in the community, teaching the urban youth about STEM disciplines in the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program.

Eric joins us today to discuss how W3R Consulting was founded and who inspired him to become an entrepreneur. He discusses the challenges of leading a growing company and how the company found its foothold in the consulting industry. Eric explains how they use data to create strategies without overlooking traditional solutions. He shares his thoughts on Supplier Diversity and his experience with the MBE Certification program. Eric also shares how they give back to the community and why he encourages a culture of philanthropy in his organization.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Eric’s humble beginnings and his passion for technology and entrepreneurship
  • What it’s like to become a leader of a large company
  • The mindset Eric learned as an engineer that allowed him to lead the company to where it is today
  • Using data for innovation while maintaining legacy solutions
  • Examples of differentiation in the marketplace
  • How a startup company can determine what their market wants to buy
  • How to build a legacy that can sustain itself
  • Supplier diversity and what it means to be a certified MBE
  • Eric’s experience with MBE councils and the groups they have worked with
  • How they out-innovate the competition and the demands of the industry
  • How Eric gives back to the community and the charities they are involved in
  • Why companies should grow a future competitor and its benefits to the organization
  • Eric’s advice to those who want to get started in the business world post-COVID-19

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