“Everybody’s experience in their career path—however old or young that path may be—is a very vital insight to others that we need to have at the table.” – Adam Moore

Upholding diversity and inclusion in the corporate world can determine a company’s long-term success. After all, a diverse roster of employees means a business can explore multiple solutions to any given problem from numerous perspectives. But what else can having a diversified workplace do for a company? What are the key benefits to committing to diversity and inclusion business owners should know?

In this episode, we discuss diversity and inclusion and how it relates to supplier diversity. We describe the key differences between the two terms and explain how a diverse work culture can improve a company’s image for both investors and would-be applicants—especially in today’s social-media-centric world. We share our thoughts on why diversity is not progressing fast enough and how the corporate industry can improve the pace further. We also discuss why it’s much more challenging to implement diversity and inclusion policies in regulated industries and why it is at its peak in mid-markets.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Why diversity and inclusion and supplier diversity are not one and the same
  • Comparing and contrasting diversity and inclusion and supplier diversity
  • Why having a C-Suite sponsor is better if they don’t align with your company’s business resource group
  • What it means to have intentionality behind promoting an idea around supplier diversity
  • How being known for diversity and inclusion in the workplace can make your company more attractive to both investors and future employees
  • Exploring different work cultures across generations and other ethnicities
  • Why there hasn’t been much progress regarding diversity and equity in the corporate industry
  • How diversity and inclusion is met differently in regulated industries
  • Why the mid-markets are where diversity and inclusion can be felt the most

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