“Supplier diversity is very often the best kept secret in a company.” – Jamie Crump

Jamie Crump is an author, speaker, consultant, advocate for supplier diversity, and the President of The Richwell Group. The Richwell Group provides business coaching and consultation services that enhance sourcing and procurement strategies for certified diversity-owned businesses. She is the author of the book Backstage Pass: Pulling the Curtain Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity, where she writes about the deep connection between diversity and profitability. As a speaker, Jamie is highly sought-after for her wisdom regarding the economics of supplier diversity across the US and Canada.

In this episode, Jamie joins us to share why supplier diversity is at the core of some of the most successful businesses today. She describes her skillset and what clients look for when they want to work together. She describes her passion for promoting a diverse working environment and how she convinces clients to say yes to supplier diversity. She explains what diverse suppliers should focus on to grab attention in seminars and pitch meetings. Jamie also shares actionable tips to those who want to become skilled speakers.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • The services Jamie offers and what her clients typically ask for
  • The “veil” Jamie helps pull down and shows her clients
  • How Jamie describes supplier diversity as a business strategy
  • Why Jamie hesitates to use the terms “program” and “initiative” in her work
  • The qualities of a supplier diversity rockstar
  • What she says to clients who hesitate to promote supplier diversity in their business
  • Small businesses and the number of businesses led by minorities and LGBTQ
  • Jamie’s work as a speaker and what she often speaks about
  • What Jamie recommends to those who want to try being a public speaker
  • What diverse suppliers should talk about to keep the client’s focus on the conversation
  • Why owners should source everything the company buys all the time
  • Having accountability when suggesting supplier diversity to management

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