“What makes millennials different is their size. They are the biggest generation to come through since boomers and (are) even larger than boomers AND their willingness to speak up – their willingness to say, ‘This isn’t for me.’” – Amanda Hammett

Amanda Hammett is the CEO of Core Elevation, a company dedicated to helping high-performance leaders achieve even greater results and working with Inc. 5,000 corporations to strategize attracting, retaining, and engaging top-level talent. She is also the host of the Next Generation Rockstars Podcast (aka Millennial Rockstars), where she proves her nickname as the “Millennial Translator” by interviewing millennial business prodigies on the secrets of their success and the motivations that focus them. Amanda currently serves on the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce board while also serving as Corporate Board President of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Georgia (HOBY) for the past ten years. With a BA in History & Political Science from Agnes Scott College, she is a consultant and trainer who has delivered over 800 keynote speeches to the millennials corporate America needs to connect with.

In this episode, Amanda joins us to discuss recruiting millennials and Generation Z and what problems she has observed with modern recruitment techniques for this demographic. She reveals her Millennial Translator moniker’s origin and why businesses began to queue up for her help in connecting them with their younger workforce. Amanda takes a psychological look at the millennial employee and why they rebel against the Boomer Generation’s work-life values before them. She also warns the companies who are quick to make statements of intent; be that for social change, better employment practice, or other morally guided declarations. She explains that millennials do their homework on their possible future employers and empty promises can come back to haunt a brand in the most damaging of ways.

What do we know about Boomers? When they came into the workforce, they introduced the term and the idea of being a workaholic. American Boomers started to identify not who they were as a person, but what they did for a living that became their identity.” – Amanda Hammett

“Values are different between the generations. Boomers are like, ‘Just put your head down. Just get it done. This is the way we’ve always done it,’ but they’re not accounting for the fact that the world is changing massively and quickly.” – Amanda Hammett

“When they’re going through the application process to get a job, they want to know that you are putting your money where your mouth is.” – Amanda Hammett

“This generation has been taught from day one ‘I got to speak up. I got to advocate for myself – and they do for the most part. And you know, they’re willing to buck the trend.” – Amanda Hammett

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Why you need to lose the negative preconceptions about millennials
  • How millennials have a different work-life ambition than the Boomer Generation before them
  • Why companies struggle to retain millennial talent
  • How Boomer employers don’t account for the speed of change in technology and culture and the communication changes that are needed to accompany this
  • The importance of deadlines and enforcing accountability with your millennial employee
  • Why taking the time to explain your businesses processes will save you in millennial productivity
  • How millennials will hold your company to account for your business practice promises

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