“I think that the pandemic has afforded us an opportunity to really be the renegades that supplier diversity professionals need.” – Veronica Maldonado-Torres

Veronica Maldonado-Torres is the CEO of VMT Consulting, a management consultancy firm tailored to small businesses’ and corporations’ needs. A versatile and visionary Latina, Veronica’s firm offers coaching, training, and development, focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, Supplier Development, Women empowerment, and Diverse Businesses. She is also the Founder-Creator of the podcast Driven to Thrive, a show that supports a wider program of training, keynotes, and workshops to help a diverse portfolio of people implement and execute their goals one year at a time. She has won industry awards year after year, including the distinction of “Top 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia” by the GHCC, listed in the “40Under40” by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and named in the Top 15 Georgia Latina of Excellence ‘Rising Star Award’ by LISTA. Veronica also currently serves on the boards of The Assembly CID, Hispanic Corporate Council of Atlanta, and GHCC. 

In this episode, Veronica joins us to share her ideas and philosophies regarding supplier diversity and why she is passionate about connecting cultures in business so that we can “win together.” She reveals how the current pandemic has created unforeseen roadblocks and why resiliency and grit have never been more important for diverse CEOs as they overcome hurdles and become the positive disruptors of the future. We discuss why the conversations to be had about diversity and inclusion in organizations have become more urgent through the unrest of 2020. Veronica also addresses the side effect of exclusion when labelling cultures into groups, and what such groups need to work on and who they need to reach out to so that everyone is working with and for the benefit of all.

“We have mentors for our personal lives, for our professional lives, and most definitely should have them if we are running businesses and running supplier diversity programs.” Veronica Maldonado-Torres

“My love is in inclusion and driving opportunities for us to work together and to win together from the supplier diversity standpoint.” – Veronica Maldonado-Torres

“Driven to Thrive – which is actually a mindset. It’s a model. It’s a way of living, and it’s a community.” – Veronica Maldonado-Torres

“I’m really making sure that we’re building inclusive leaders for this next generation to understand how to win together. That’s really what it’s about.” – Veronica Maldonado-Torres

“We just have to go outside of our networks of what existed before.” – Veronica Maldonado-Torres

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • What the Driven to Win philosophy is all about
  • How the Diversity Conversation has been brought into focus due to recent events
  • Why we need to explore outside of our existing networks to find diverse talent
  • How to avoid exclusion as a by-product of diverse group creation
  • How different cultures and backgrounds can find commonality
  • Why mentorship is critical to growth
  • Why continuous learning should be the mindset of young CEO’s

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