Zuzy Martin-Aly is the host of the Girls in Tech podcast, a nonprofit organization with a mission to eliminate the gender gap in tech one episode at a time. She is an expert in brand strategizing and marketing and works with clients and agencies to promote their products or services in the most creative ways possible. Zuzy is also an award-winning filmmaker whose documentary film, Craving Cuba, was accepted to 13 film festivals. Craving Cuba inspects the Cuban-American experience, paying close attention to the ways politics complicate their relationship with Cuba.

Zuzy joins us to discuss what Girls in Tech is about and how they’re different from other women-led organizations. She shares her experience as a podcaster and how her background in film helped her grow the show. She explains the different stereotypes and barriers that keep many women out of the tech industry. She discusses the art of interviewing and how it’s more than just asking questions and getting answers. Zuzy also describes the benefits of having a diverse team in any business.

“I’ve been challenged to work with people who are different from me. I take that as a great puzzle that’s going to get us to a solution.” – Zuzy Martin-Aly

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • The background and mission of Girls in Tech
  • How their show stands out from other female-led podcasts
  • The barriers that keep the number of women in the tech industry low
  • How working with an array of people promotes creative, innovative solutions
  • Zuzy’s experience working in multicultural markets
  • Why it’s a privilege to interview a person
  • How Zuzy’s film-making experience influenced the way she runs her podcast
  • Zuzy’s advice for preparing an interview
  • Why independent films are more likely to connect with audiences

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