Sarah Marske is the Founder and CEO of Saramar Group, a marketing consultancy firm specializing in connecting brands to the U.S. Hispanic market. Saramar Group integrates three core solutions for business growth with social impact: Hispanic Marketing Services, Social Impact Initiatives, and Consulting & Training. Sarah was previously the Multicultural Marketing Brand Manager for Coca-Cola. She led award-winning Hispanic marketing campaigns and social impact initiatives, earning multiple awards that include The ANA Multicultural Excellence Award, the Silver Anvil Award for Best PR Campaign, and the Billboard Music Award. A true ‘Iberophile’ Sarah has a B.A. in International Studies and Spanish from the University of North Carolina and completed an M.A. in Communication with Mass Media while also gaining her Translation Certificate (Spanish/English) both from Georgia State University.

In today’s episode, Sarah joins us to share her valuable insights into multicultural marketing, where her love and passion for reaching diverse communities led her to create the Saramar Group. She discusses her college days of International Studies, volunteering with the YMCA in Costa Rica, and her experience of living in Spain to study with the University of Salamanca, all of which solidified her passion for culture and her need to serve and give back through business. Sarah explains how companies should connect with diverse communities in authentic and thoughtful ways and what they should consider when marketing to this audience. She also reveals what she thinks will happen in the future digital diverse marketing space and why it won’t mean discarding real-life connections but strengthening them instead.

“I’m a big believer in doing business with a higher purpose where we not only generate profits and growth for our businesses, but we generate a larger social impact as well” – Sarah Marske


This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • The No.1 rule when connecting with Hispanic audiences
  • Why we should be paying attention to the growing and youthful Hispanic population
  • The 5 steps companies can take to connect with their consumer base
  • What a hybrid of digital and IRL spaces will look like in a diverse marketing space
  • Why your workforce should represent the community you’re serving
  • How you can avoid missteps when trying to reach a multicultural audience

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