As the founder of four companies, Monique Mills is no stranger to blazing the trails of entrepreneurship in technology and digital transformation. She is passionate about helping companies overcome obstacles and innovate new roads to technological development and is intent on solving big problems within the modern world. As the founder and chief strategist of TPM Focus, Monique and her team offer a unique blend of corporate sensibility and startup scrappiness to help their clients align their marketing, technology, sales, and customer service with their revenue goals. Monique is also the host and Executive Producer of the Unpolished MBA Podcast, where she speaks with innovators and entrepreneurs – some with MBAs, and some without – to share their entrepreneurial journey, experience, and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way.

Monique joins us today to share how she blazed her own trail in the tech industry. She explains how she helps organizations align their marketing, sales, and technology with their revenue goals, why it’s crucial to align your marketing efforts with your revenue goals, and the importance of being strategic when creating your marketing campaigns. Monique explains why entrepreneurs need to properly segment their target audience and build their marketing strategies around them. She shares what inspired her to launch her podcast, the Unpolished MBA, and what she hopes to accomplish with her show. We discuss the value of co-locating with other organizations and the importance of understanding how buying habits are shifting. We also discuss the most common problems women in the workplace face – particularly in the S.T.E.M industries – and how entrepreneurs and organizations can help move the needle on creating more inclusive workplaces for women.

“Never stop learning. Never stop learning from everyone around you. Everyone has value and information that could be helpful to you.” – Monique Mills

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • How Monique helps B2B companies achieve their revenue goals
  • The importance of aligning your marketing efforts with your revenue goals
  • Defining your marketing playbook
  • How to properly segment your target market
  • Encouraging your technology, engineering, business, and leadership teams to communicate and collaborate
  • How collaborating and co-locating with other organizations can help entrepreneurs increase their revenue
  • Common issues women face in the workplace around gender equality and how organizations can help move the conversation
  • How the face of technology roles has shifted over the years and Monique’s advice to women in S.T.E.M.
  • The lessons Monique has learned throughout her career and how they impacted her as an entrepreneur


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