LaMecia Butler is the Program Manager for Meta’s Supplier Diversity. As Program Manager, LaMecia shapes the engagement between Facebook’s supplier diversity team and key stakeholders, which include internal buyers, management, media, diverse suppliers, and industry partners. LaMecia is also the Principal of GEM Legacy Management LLC, a firm that consults with organizations to identify the best strategies for maximum and lasting impacts on communities and individuals. LaMecia received her MBA from Rice University and her BA in Communications – Public Relations from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

LaMecia joins us today to discuss Meta’s innovative supplier diversity practice. She highlights the impact of intentionality and engagement on supplier diversity. She describes her background, shares why she decided to join Meta after a career in public relations, and illustrates the role of data in storytelling. She describes the internal tools Meta has built and how they’ve embedded systems to secure and future-proof the sustainability of diverse suppliers. LaMecia also underscores the important role of storytelling in supplier diversity.

“At Meta, we bring the world together. We ensure we have the right diverse supplier search tools so people can get involved in finding, recommending—and connecting us to—diverse suppliers.” – LaMecia Butler


This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • LaMecia’s background, work in non-profit, and career path from PR to supplier diversity
  • How a passion to drive change is a core part of supplier diversity professionals
  • How LaMecia’s experience in PR and storytelling helps her communicate diverse suppliers’ stories
  • A best practice many supplier diversity managers and professionals forego
  • Creating impact reports, data storytelling, and why the Meta team is making their diversity data transparent to everyone
  • Why organizations may be hesitant to make their diversity data visible
  • Encouraging supplier diversity champions at Meta
  • How Meta is future-proofing and ensuring the sustainability of diverse suppliers
  • Lessons Meta’s supplier diversity team has learned about implementing unique global programs

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