“We know that women are making tremendous strides, but they’re still fighting for opportunities for success in the workplace and as entrepreneurs.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

March has arrived and Spring is in the air! March may be the month of rebirth and regrowth, but it is also the month dedicated to honoring women in business. March 8th was International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating women’s social, economic, and political achievements. March is also Women’s History Month, a month holding some important milestones for women: Title IX, prohibiting sex discrimination in all federally funded education programs, was passed by the Senate on March 1st, 1972. The Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment on March 22nd of the same year. In March, the first major suffragist ‘march’ took over Washington DC on March 3rd, 1913. It is the month of women for a good reason.

In today’s episode, we discuss some of the triumphs and struggles of women in business today. We dissect the reasons women still may have to fight for opportunities to progress while others make tremendous strides in their field. We reveal the different approaches men and women have to pay raises where men are more likely to demand a pay raise while women wait to be recognized. We also look at mentorship, team-building opportunities, and the discussions we can engage in to make positive changes for a fair playing field for women in 21st Century business.

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • How women’s entrepreneurial experience vs. corporate America experience differs
  • Why women miss out on ‘Boy’s Club’ networking opportunities
  • Offsite activity suggestions for female-centric team-building sessions
  • Why a round of golf won’t cut it when giving women a chance to network
  • How men may unintentionally exclude women from professional relationship building
  • Overcoming the Pay Gap
  • Why women shouldn’t be apologizing in their business pitches

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