“Nobody got into business for themselves saying ‘I needed more free time, so I started a business.’ That’s never happened.” – Adam Moore

You only make a first impression once, and sometimes you only get to shoot your shot with your prospective, future corporate partner once, too. What will you be thinking about when you get that first ‘Big Meet’? Your clothes? Or your handshake? Maybe you think it is how you walk into the room. While all these things do matter for a first impression, being ready to meet a big corporation is more than about your personal appearance. It is about doing some groundwork beforehand to make sure that you are “Corporate Ready.”

In this episode, we put our very own Adam in the hot seat to look at what it really means to be “Corporate Ready.” He explains what diverse small businesses should consider about the corporation they wish to attract and why understanding the corporate business cycle is the first step in preparing to meet them. We discuss why it is better to be upfront with a corporate if you do not know much about their existing support systems for underrepresented communities and explain how you can use this to show where else you might be of service to them. We also get down to the basic art of selling your products or services, and what systems you should have in place once you have the secured the interest of that large corporation.

“To be corporate ready, you have to have done a lot of research on your corporate.” – Adam Moore

“Just trying to walk in on a handshake and a smile -though nice – isn’t going to really get you far.” – Adam Moore

“Be confident in your pitch and realize that there are going to be noes right before you get some yeses.” – Adam Moore

“It is your product. It is your service. It is your firm. Own it. Sell it. Be proud of it.” – Adam Moore

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • What “Corporate Readiness” means to Adam, and how it can be misinterpreted
  • Why you should try to put yourself in the shoes of the corporate when trying to approach and help them
  • How to be ready and in a position to sell to the corporate you are conversing with
  • Why transparency is key when approaching your chosen corporates
  • How to approach corporates with confidence
  • How another small business owner can be a great wingman and ally when you prepare to pitch to bigger organizations

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