“Corporations have to begin to hold the boards accountable to be that bridge to small and diverse suppliers.”  – Nedra Dickson

Nedra Dickson is the Global Supplier Inclusion and Sustainability Lead at Accenture, one of the world’s largest professional services companies focusing on strategy and consulting, operations, technology, and interactive services. Nedra promotes and leads Accenture’s efforts to maximize procurement opportunities with small and diverse businesses across 17 countries. She also holds several board seats within the supplier diversity community, including board memberships in the Women Business Enterprise Council, the Georgia Minority Supplier Diversity Council, and the Supplier Diversity Leadership Council for The Conference Board.

Nedra joins us to discuss what companies should measure to gauge the progress of their supplier diversity programs. She explains the expanse of Accenture’s supplier diversity program and its international reach. She describes the complex processes involved in navigating another country’s laws and legislations for their programs. Nedra also shares how being a board member of various councils made her appreciate her role.

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • What Accenture is and Nedra’s role in the company
  • How small and diverse businesses can help fill current supply chain gaps 
  • How Nedra manages the company’s supplier diversity programs overseas
  • Lowering your expectations when working with other countries’ laws and legislations
  • The Global Data Privacy Regulation and the enormous fines associated with it
  • The KPIs Nedra set for her team regarding their company’s capability
  • How to know whether your supplier diversity program is running successfully
  • Nedra’s “Building The House” model for programs
  • The right metrics to measure the ROI for supplier diversity programs
  • What it means to collaborate and co-innovate when looking for opportunities
  • Nedra’s involvement in boards and how it shaped her outlook of supplier equity and inclusion
  • Why 2022 is going to be important for the boards

Connect with Nedra Dickson:

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