“Good financial stability and wellness of the company, coupled with good people, is every business’s heartbeat. Without them, the likelihood that a company can survive is low.” – Durran Dunn

Durran Dunn is an accomplished business professional currently serving as the Managing Director for Grant Thornton’s Advisory, Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Controls practice. Over his 20 years of experience leading global businesses in accounting, finance, and internal audits, Durran has worked in multiple industries, including manufacturing, consumer products, media & entertainment, and biopharmaceuticals. In addition to his work with Grant Thornton, he is a professional athlete, a popular member of the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball club, and the 2021 World Series champion.

Durran joins us today to discuss presence, excellence, and risk management strategies for small businesses. He describes his passion to succeed and his background as a professional athlete and explains why athletes make excellent business professionals. He highlights the value of being fully engaged at the moment and details his ability to excel as a professional athlete and business professional. Durran also underscores the importance of representation and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and offers advice on how small businesses can improve their accounting and risk management efforts.

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Grant Thornton’s audit and advisory services
  • Durran’s background and role in Grant Thorton
  • Burnout, multi-tasking, and how Durran is able to excel both as an athlete and a business professional
  • Representation, DE&I, and being Jamaican-American in risk management and accounting
  • Grant Thornton’s “Bring Your Own Self” campaign and other DE&I programs
  • Why it’s critical for organizations to enlist third party experts for risk, risk management, and ESG
  • Social media’s impact on the importance of Environmental, Social, & Governance standards
  • Accounting and risk management tools and strategies for small businesses

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