“Working with great leadership and great organizations gives you the keys to the kingdom and to being great yourself. And the more individuals who have jobs, the more we can tackle the systemic ills in our society.” – Rondu Vincent

Devin Carsdale is the Associate Director of Sustainability for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at Bristol Myers Squibb. Devin drives short- and long-term strategy and builds partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to govern the company’s Sustainable Procurement program. Before joining Bristol Myers Squibb as a Sustainability Manager in 2020, Devin served as a Sustainability Compliance Auditor for IKEA and Performance Consultant at Gap International. He holds a Certificate of Corporate Sustainability from New York University and a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs from the American University.

Rondu Vincent is a global procurement and supplier diversity executive and a leader in DE&I. He serves as the Executive Director for Supplier Diversity and Sustainability at Bristol Myers Squibb, a company he has been working with for over eight years. Prior to joining Bristol Myers Squibb, Rondu served as the Manager of Supplier Diversity at Pfizer, a post he held for seven years before moving up as Pfizer’s Director of Supplier Diversity. He is also the former Strategic Sourcing Manager at Becton Dickinson.

Devin and Rondu join us today to discuss how supplier diversity and sustainability can drive systemic change and impact communities economically. They describe their professional backgrounds and how they became passionate about supplier diversity work. They outline Bristol Myers Squibb’s programs and commitments around inclusion, equity, and supplier diversity. They discuss what makes a great supplier diversity professional. They explain the economic reasons to comply with supplier diversity and dissect the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework. They also highlight how any company, regardless of size or scale, can play a part in ESG work and underscore why professionals need to think about where they want to be as supplier diversity practitioners.

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Devin’s background and journey in supplier diversity and sustainable procurement
  • How European companies are driving sustainability and diversity
  • Rondu’s career in the healthcare industry and how he gravitated toward supplier diversity
  • The importance of authenticity and passion in the mission of inclusion
  • Bristol Myers Squibb’s supplier diversity and environmental sustainability goals
  • How strong leadership support empowers supplier diversity professionals
  • Rallying buy-in for Environmental, Social, and Governance goals
  • Bristol Myers Squibb’s programs and projects on supplier diversity and ESG
  • How small and diverse businesses drove supply chain resiliency in the pharmaceutical industry amid the pandemic
  • Quiet quitting and conscious quitting
  • The difference between lifestyle entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs

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