“Inclusion demands accessibility, accountability, and transparency.” – Adam Moore

To be an accessible company requires building a culture that accommodates the needs of each individual while promoting workplace diversity. From a supplier’s perspective, accessibility also means your organization is open to engaging with different types of people, which benefits your networking strategy. How can you ensure that your company is accessible? How do you weave accessibility into your supplier diversity program?

In this episode, we discuss what accessibility means in supplier diversity and outline how to make your team more open. We share the networking and engagement benefits of focusing on accessibility. We explain why the term “diverse” will soon seem antiquated. We also describe how accessibility can reduce risk and why we should normalize including supplier diversity in our everyday conversation.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • What accessibility means for diversity
  • How consumers test companies’ diversity
  • Why supplier diversity should be in normal corporate conversations
  • How accessibility increases engagement and reduces risk
  • Example companies that make their teams accessible
  • Our take on the future of supplier inclusion
  • Why the term “diverse” will seem archaic in the future
  • Why some things aren’t as accessible as they should be

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