“Whether you know it or not, people out there in the social media channels are talking about what your firm is doing for ESG and supplier inclusion.” – Adam Moore

The economy is moving toward a more sustainable future, and with that comes the need for industries to be ESG compliant. To be ESG compliant, a company must invest in environmental and social issues rather than solely prioritizing profit. How should corporations handle ESG? What changes should they apply to attract investors looking for high ESG scores? How does ESG correlate with supplier inclusion?

In this episode, we discuss what ESG is, what it means for an economy, and why it’s a component of corporate social responsibility. We explain what environmental racism is and provide real-world examples. We share our thoughts on electric vehicles and the problem with renewable batteries. We also describe how companies, and their values, are being discussed on social media and what they can do to capitalize on that data.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • What ESG is and how it affects investments and profits
  • Defining environmental racism and exploring examples
  • Real-world issues where ESG is applicable
  • How ESG began as a core part of various industries
  • What companies should do to make their products and services ESG compliant
  • Solving the big problem with electric vehicles
  • Why the Chick-fil-A corporation is a gold standard in work culture and ethics
  • Why companies should research what people say about them on social media

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