“Business diversity is about including diverse suppliers across the entire spectrum of what we spend money on and the segments of the economy that are growing the fastest.” – Gary Sutton

Gary Sutton is the US Firm Business Diversity Leader at Deloitte Consulting. He has over 18 years of sourcing and procurement experience, during which he has served more than 40 commercial and public sector clients. In addition to Deloitte, Gary has worked with the Boston Consulting Group and The Hackett Group. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Howard University and his Master of Business Administration degree at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Gary joins us to discuss how Deloitte strategizes to procure diverse suppliers systematically. He shares what motivated him to become the Business Development Leader of Deloitte after 13 years of serving as a supply chain consultant. He describes how Deloitte is pursuing its mission to create sustainable wealth for communities of color and for women. Gary also explains the role of intent in shaping the future and highlights the business case for supplier diversity in the professional services industry.

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