“Your network is your net worth.” – Shakeia Kegler

Shakeia Kegler is the Founder and CEO of GovLia, a company dedicated to helping state and local government agencies effortlessly implement and manage supplier diversity programs. Their goal is to expedite supplier diversity efforts without the traditional time-consuming, paper-based processes. Before founding GovLia, Shakeia served in the Navy for five years as Aviation Ordnanceman Petty Officer 2nd Class. Following her career in the military, Shakeia also worked as a specialist in the government contracting department. The opportunity led to starting GovLia in 2017.

Shakeia joins us to discuss how GovLia helps supplier diversity efforts through government contracting support. She recounts her experience in the Navy and the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life. She describes the difficulty of small businesses being awarded government contracts, especially if these businesses are minority-owned. Shakeia also explains what small businesses can do to make themselves more attractive than the competition when applying for government contracts.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Shakeia’s experience in the Navy’s purchasing department
  • Her struggles adjusting back to civilian life
  • What the government usually buys that may sound difficult to believe
  • Why GovLia was founded and how they support supplier diversity
  • Why businesses miss out on selling their products and services to the government
  • How GovLia helps businesses connect with government transactions
  • How the government filters business partners
  • Why past performance matters when trying to sell to the government
  • How Shakeia’s Navy experience affected the way she ran her business
  • The one hobby Shakeia likes pursuing and how it helps her connect with people

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