“Small businesses are afraid to look at cybersecurity because it’s such a huge thing, but the reality is the things you should do are simple.” – Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is the CEO and security consultant at Secure Ideas, a cybersecurity company composed of security professionals with a deep specialization in data security for small companies. In addition to providing products that improve cybersecurity, they routinely perform “attacks” to determine whether a business’s security is robust enough to thwart potential hackers and data thieves. Kevin specializes in Intrusion Analysis, Security Tool Development, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessment. Apart from running Secure Ideas, Kevin is an instructor who likes to teach anything from how a company should handle a hacking incident to common techniques hackers use to infiltrate a system.

Kevin joins us to discuss what Secure Ideas is, how it was founded, and why their slogan is “Professionally Evil.” He describes the kind of data small businesses should protect and a few easy-to-apply cybersecurity tips. He explains why there is no such thing as 100% secure and what companies can do to promote a culture of cybersecurity in their organization. He discusses how hackers can use social engineering to obtain valuable information such as phone and corporate passwords. Kevin also shares why everyone should have Multi-Factor Authentication activated.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • What kind of information small businesses need to protect
  • What Secure Ideas is about and the services they offer
  • Kevin’s hobby as a costume maker for the Star Wars fandom
  • The concept of being “Professionally Evil” in the cybersecurity profession
  • Why companies are not in business to be secure
  • How effective their slogan has become for their marketing efforts
  • Essential cybersecurity tips everyone should do today
  • How Multi-Factor Authentication makes hacking difficult
  • Everyday cybersecurity mistakes people make
  • The types of people who put cybersecurity at risk
  • How Kevin and his friends test a company’s security
  • What businesses should do when an employee causes a security risk
  • Why smartphones can still be hacked despite various security measures
  • Social engineering and how it tricks people into saying their passwords
  • Why companies should tell their customers if they have been hacked
  • How companies can encourage staff to be conscious about cybersecurity
  • Why all businesses are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches
  • Why companies should try to use fear, uncertainty, and doubt to sell a product

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