“Diversity, equity, and inclusion is beneficial for an entire business, for everyone.” – Jackie Ferguson

Jackie Ferguson is the Head of Content & Programming and Co-Founder of The Diversity Movement, a full-service DEI consultancy that provides diversity and inclusion content such as courses, videos, webinars, and podcasts. As Head of Content & Programming, Jackie manages all the content her company produces, especially when customizing products for each client. Her passion for diversity and inclusion started in her youth, having been an advocate for human rights and equality for more than 20 years. Jackie is also the host of the Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox podcast, a show where they share diverse perspectives from business leaders.

Jackie joins us today to discuss how The Diversity Movement enables organizations to apply a DEI program and make sure their program is not entirely foreign to the company culture. She shares how the company was founded and why they pivoted away from providing e-learning courses. Jackie describes the challenges companies and organizations face when it comes to applying DEI programs, and she explains some of the complexities involved in customizing a DEI program for a client. Jackie also discusses where she found her passion for DEI and her life as an activist.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • What The Diversity Movement is, and why the founders started the company.
  • The effect of establishing fast credibility on business growth.
  • The consulting model Jackie promotes and what sets these models apart from the competition.
  • Big challenges many organizations struggle with in the context of diversity.
  • Why many DEI programs are difficult to adapt in a corporate setting.
  • The complexities involved in adapting a diversity and inclusion program as an organization.
  • The first critical step when it comes to customizing a DEI program.
  • What the podcast Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox is all about.
  • How Jackie found her passion.

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