“Do a roleplay. Feel how it feels. Are you understanding those concepts, and can you do it?” – Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers is the President and COO of Aspireship, a company helping tomorrow’s leaders by ensuring they perform at optimum level in their current roles with training, interview preparation, leadership development, and career development coaching. Aspireship looks to proactively match such leaders with fast-growing employers in need of talented and ambitious professionals. Christine has previous experience as a Senior Director of Sales for large corporations such as MINDBODY Inc. and Infusionsoft. However, she is also an experienced entrepreneur, having previously owned Room 4 Baby, a baby and children’s store in Gilbert, AZ, where she supervised all aspects of a small baby business, from sales staff supervision to payroll and contract negotiation. Christine currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Christine joins us in this episode to reveal how identifying difficulties in hiring consistently good, talented people for selling environments led to the creation of Aspireship, a course platform allowing someone without experience to learn foundational selling. She explains how such untapped potential—when trained—can be matched with a company whose focus is on the employee’s competency and ability rather than their previous resume. Christine takes a holistic look over workforces and why she thinks it’s important everyone in a business, from marketing to accounts, should understand selling when representing a company. She also discusses the role of leadership when placing new hires in an organization and how vital these leaders are for the success and longevity of such placements.

“Everybody needs to understand what it means to serve the client.” – Christine Rogers

“Our retention numbers are showing that to be true. That at the 90-day mark, we’re doing much better. They’re sticking. They’re happier earners.” – Christine Rogers

“You need to have a leader in place. I need to know that there is somebody who is losing sleep over these people, their progression, their development, and their results.” – Christine Rogers

“If you’re a small business and entrepreneur and you’re like “Yep, I think I actually need to go ahead and hire my first Head of Sales. I need to hire these things.’ Make sure they CAN do it.” – Christine Rogers

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Why everybody is a salesperson—or should be—inside your organization
  • The benefits of a workforce having the skills to ask good questions
  • Why all workforce members should be able to articulate the value of their organization
  • How to set up your sales team for success
  • Why you need a leader in place to monitor the progression and development of new hires
  • The qualities you should be looking for in your next leader

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