“We’re going to celebrate the differences and the uniqueness we all bring to the table.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

February 2021 was Black History Month, a movement that is not and should not be confined to one month of the calendar year. Despite the best intentions of many companies to promise change in the workplace for the better, Black History Month’s message can easily be lost regardless of many corporations pledging to make a positive change in their industries. In the last year, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained worldwide coverage helping to put focus on Black history and the Black contribution to American society. With the whole world watching, it is more important than ever for corporations to stay true to their word when they say they are doing all they can to create fairer opportunities for all.

In this episode, we want to keep the conversation of Black History & Culture going beyond a month of celebration to stay intentional with the essential and ongoing change across our society. We discuss the ways business can tangibly support Black culture, minority employees, and minority suppliers. We explain why it’s important to recognize the differences each person can bring to your business and why the fashion to “not see color” is unhelpful when you have a mix of cultures and backgrounds that you should try to understand and celebrate. We also look at the evolution of America and just how black people have been an integral part of the building of our nation, how they have been overlooked in the past for their contributions, and of course, why we celebrate the changes that have happened, are happening, and have yet to come.

We as Corporate America have to be intentional: know why you’re doing it, who you’re talking to, why it’s important to them, why their concerns should be important to you, and what you can do to help bridge some of those divides.” – Adam Moore

“What actually makes us stronger as friends and co-hosts is realizing those differences, celebrating them, and not being ashamed to talk about them.” – Adam Moore

“If it’s just one thing that corporations and individuals within corporations can do, it’s just acknowledging that there ARE disparities.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

“The more you understand about another culture, the easier it is for everybody to get along and to understand and not have these barriers in place.” – Adam Moore

“I’m hoping that it inspires others to have conversations with the other people that are in their lives – whether it be employees, other leadership, neighbors, friends, family, and think about what can we do to move the needle.” – Cloe Guidry-Reed

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • Why intentionality HAS to follow corporate statements that promise meaningful change
  • How Affinity groups (BRGs) can create safe spaces for dialogue between minorities and their employers
  • Why “not seeing color” doesn’t work for healthy diversity
  • The Black creators, contributors, and inventors behind the technologies we use today
  • Why Juneteenth is a Black holiday for some parts of the US more than others
  • How Hire Ground can help you help your employees volunteer for equality initiatives
  • How to approach “difficult” conversations on diversity
  • A moment for Vernon Jordan, the black businessman and civil rights activist who sadly passed away this month

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