It goes without saying that 2021 fared leagues better than 2020 did. Many companies will start engaging with their consumers to celebrate the world’s grand reopening, especially now that we’re near the end of the year. However, what does it mean when your business only engages with the market when all is said and done? How do you engage with your diverse suppliers without it feeling artificial or forced?

In today’s episode, we describe the wild ride 2021 has been and what we can expect for 2022. We explain why businesses shouldn’t just establish rapport with their suppliers and consumers when the year ends. We discuss the ways companies can work with their suppliers to more effectively engage with their communities. We also share the importance of being kind to one another, especially during the holidays, and how kindness can significantly impact the way we perceive society as a whole.

“The one thing the pandemic has taught all of us is the one size fits all mentality doesn’t work.” – Adam Moore

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Reflecting on the past year
  • Building relationships throughout the year instead of during the holidays
  • Why it is crucial to personalize your customer engagement
  • What the pandemic has taught us about our teams and customers
  • How suppliers are part of your company’s teams as well
  • Making communities come together toward the end of the year
  • The importance of being nice to people during the holidays


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