“Truly passionate, alive people will inspire others to be passionate. Plant those seeds, even if we may never see them become mighty oaks.”- Rachel Muredzwa

Rachel Muredzwa is the Director of Equity & Inclusion at Ohio State University’s College of Nursing. She is a seasoned DE&I professional, community impact leader, and higher education administrator with over 20 years of progressive leadership experience in inclusive youth development programming. Before working with the College of Nursing at Ohio State University, Rachel served as the Coordinator for the Office of Student Money Management at Austin Community College. She also previously served as the Director of the Office for Student Support Services at the University of Chicago and as an Assistant Director at DePaul University. Rachel holds a Master of Social Work degree from Ohio State University and received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Anthropology from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Rachel joins us today to discuss how she’s working with Ohio State University’s College of Nursing to make an impact through education and inclusion. She discusses why active listening and non-violent communication are essential skills for being a DE&I professional and impact leader and how we can get education and insight from anyone and everywhere. She explains why there is no need for a zero-sum game for human beings and elaborates on the value of igniting the passion of young people. She also highlights how advocacy and social justice are the bread and butter of social work. She outlines the different outreach programs the College of Nursing organizes within and beyond the borders of Ohio State University.

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Rachel’s professional journey to Ohio State University, her current role as Director of DE&I, and how it functions within Ohio State University
  • Why universities are in a unique position to do social impact work
  • How Rachel’s background in social work informs the work she does in her current role as Director of DE&I
  • Meeting students where they are and why Rachel is personally invested in intersectionality
  • Rachel’s philosophy as a DE&I professional and community impact leader
  • The Summer Institute for Future Nurses and other community outreach programs at Ohio State University’s College of Nursing
  • The role of coaches and mentors in activating the next generation’s dreams

Connect with Rachel Muredzwa:

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