“Do your work in such a way that there are others willing to speak up on your behalf.” – Kenneth Kelly

Kenneth Kelly is the Chairman and CEO of First Independence Bank, the 7th largest African American-owned bank in the United States. Founded in 1970, the bank has served the Detroit-Metropolitan area and remains the only African American-owned bank headquartered in the State of Michigan. Kenneth is also behind the book, Prepared Before I Let Go, which outlines preserving professions through proper planning. He also developed My Legacy Items, a service that allows people to easily prepare their last will and testament.

Kenneth Kelly joins us today to describe the importance of leaving a legacy with sustainability in mind. He shares how First Independence Bank started, its mission, and how they contribute to their community as an African American-owned bank. He explains how companies can be ESG-focused. He discusses why being intentional with the terms we use matters from a community perspective. Kenneth also reveals why money is the oxygen for any business idea.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • The importance of having a black-owned bank in any community
  • What Kenneth’s book is about and its startling findings
  • Why all of us should be ESG-oriented
  • The questions large and small companies should be asking to focus on ESG
  • Supplier diversity, lending, and banking
  • Kenneth’s institutional initiatives around supplier equity and inclusion
  • Being intentional with how we use our terms and language for inclusion

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