“If you believe in what you’re doing, you gotta be persistent.” – Marcelo Bernal

Marcelo Bernal is the Head of Business Development at Briteris, a software development company that provides clients in the payment and FinTech sectors with IT services and solutions. Their services range from solution architectures and UX & UI design to Test Automation, DevOps, and API and Microservices. Marcelo has over a decade of experience in leadership roles for various companies in the financial sector, including Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Citibank. With his background, he specializes in corporate finance, investment banking, capital markets, and financial modeling.

Marcelo joins us to describe Briteris, its services, and what they learned from the pandemic. He shares how he and his team penetrated the US market and the cultural differences between the US and Brazil in the workplace. He explains why they hold annual events, including “hackathons.” He discusses the company’s diversity and how they help women in the technology industry. Marcelo also details what he wants future entrepreneurs to know and how they can be successful leaders.

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building Hire Ground:

  • The differences Marcelo is trying to bridge between Brazil and US cultures
  • The benefit Covid brought to some in the workforce
  • The clients their team works with
  • Bringing value to the client’s table
  • The purpose of running multiple “hackathons” a year
  • Addressing the lack of women in technology
  • The percentage of employees that aren’t white
  • Marcelo’s advice on how smaller international companies can break into the US market
  • Their business growth in the last few years
  • Creating an environment where people are excited to work every day
  • Marcelo’s advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs

Connect with Marcelo Bernal:

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