Diversity. Inclusion. Equality. What does it mean? How do we do it? Why are you doing it? Why is it important?”
– Adam Moore

In the first episode of our podcast, Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground, hosts Cloe Guidry-Reed and Adam Moore take you through their journeys in supplier diversity and inclusion, explaining how it has enriched their personal and professional lives – with some surprising reveals! 

Adam discusses his multifaceted career, which includes working five years as a county police officer, earning a Masters from Brunel University, and finding his calling in supplier diversity and inclusion via a technology career that included auditing and sales.

Cloe shares her experience of growing up as an African American in a Hispanic neighborhood in San Antonio Texas before moving to Atlanta to study at Agnes Scott Women’s College. Both hosts also discuss how their individual experiences have enhanced their understanding of the struggle for inclusion and equality. You will also learn of their ambition to help companies and entrepreneurs achieve inclusion and equality in all areas of business.

 “One of the beauties of our country: because so many people are able to come here and so many people are able to realize the American dream, we’ll always need supplier diversity professionals within those organizations.”
– Cloe Guidry-Reed

Topics discussed in this episode of Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground:

  • How time on the beat with a fellow Korean police officer taught Adam cultural lessons on communication with a different ethnic community from his own
  • How studying in a women’s-only space gave Cloe room to observe women’s challenges as they began their careers
  • Why claiming ‘not to see color’ is an unacceptable approach to supplier diversity and inclusion
  • How to bridge the gap between the diverse suppliers and the companies who are looking for them
  • What happens when Purpose meets Passion meets Skillset
  • How supplier diversity can help raise up communities of the underrepresented

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