Get meaningful introductions to Fortune 500 companies

With Hire Ground, you’re not just a name in a database. You’re a valued provider, and we’re determined to help you find the right enterprise clients.

Completely custom, “perfect” referrals

With Hire Ground’s Supplier Matchmaking services, you’ll only get referrals that are actually warm and completely customized to your business. We work with you to understand your business’s capabilities and the clients you’d like to work with. From there, we’ll help facilitate the introduction and referral process.

Business development coaching

We won’t just make the introduction and send you on your merry way. With our matchmaking services, you’ll receive coaching beyond the first introductory call on how to prepare your proposal, due diligence, win over the project owners and procurement teams, and any other help you might need to seal the deal.

Your business comes first

No more being a name among thousands of other names. With Hire Ground, we’ll not only help you stick out from the competition, but take the time to really understand your best growth opportunities and the best-fit corporate clients for your business.

Business Matchmaking with Hire Ground

Quality contacts and introductions

No more empty conversations and wasted time. Get introductions to the right people who actually want to talk to you. That’s the Hire Ground difference.

100% secure and confidential

What you share with us stays with us. We understand and value your privacy. Your data and information will never be shared without your explicit permission.

Rich business profiles

Stand out from the crowd with rich profiles. Show your business’ expertise and personality with video, images, relevant links, and more.

Feedback loops

We always want to know how it went. After your first introduction, we’ll follow up!

Ready for qualified introductions?

No more responding to RFPs and crossing your fingers that you’ll get a callback. No more trying to figure out exactly who to talk to and what they care about. No more being a business name in a list of business names.

Create your profile with Hire Ground as a supplier today and start getting matched!