Business Development Solutions
for Diverse Suppliers.

Our team of experts are here to help you grow and scale your business with everything from e-learning applications, access to capital, virtual mentorship and an expert database, access to industry specific community groups and a matchmaking portal.

Hire Ground’s breakthrough technology solutions help to address your every day challenges by removing the barriers to access.

How It Works

Enterprise Clients

Instead of searching endless Fortune 1000 websites for supplier or vendor opportunities, we partner with companies to curate opportunities that value the uniqueness your company brings to their supply chain.

Virtual Lesson Labs

Our eLearning solutions offer a combination of live and self-paced training courses covering topics such as human resource management, enterpise sales, securing capital, operations, marketing, and design.

Hire Ground Community

Our Slack channel removes geographic barriers and connects you directly to like-minded entrepreneurs, partners, and mentors all virtually. With 1,000+ App Integrations, we securely connect you across all your devices.

Jordan MentorBot

Jordan, your virtual mentor, is here to answer all of your questions around procurement, certification, and enterprise sales.

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