Win Fortune 500 Clients through Supplier Diversity

Get your foot in the door with some of America’s top corporations through supplier diversity.

Struggling with getting your foot in the door?

You’re not sure what it is, but it seems like every time you talk with someone from procurement or the supplier diversity program manager at a large corporation, you can never get past the gatekeeper.

You don’t know if it’s you, or if it’s them and they’re just not interested in bringing on a smaller supplier. You know you need to build the right relationships with the right people, but it never fails — it seems like you’re never talking to the right people at the right time.

It’s not you — it’s just a little complicated

Supplier diversity has a long and complicated history, and it can feel daunting when you first embark on becoming a certified minority-owned business and navigating the supplier diversity space. Even the term “supplier diversity” doesn’t sit well with some advocates.

The certification process is already a nightmare and by the time you’re ready to tackle some RFPs, there’s this sense of defeat before you even begin.

We're taking the complication out of it

At Hire Ground, we’re focused on helping diverse suppliers just like you get connected with buyers who actually care about providing a great experience with their suppliers while also building relationships with you and your business.

It’s proven that when everyone values and cares about working with diverse business owners, we all benefit.

Your business grows with a healthy contract from a large client, and they get the benefit of working with a highly-valued provider like yourself.

Who We Serve

Hire Ground is specifically designed to advance supply chain inclusion.


Use our interactive matchmaking portal to find and bid on corporate contracts that match your capabilities.


Identify, interact with and hire suppliers efficiently. Get instant access to Supplier certifications, reviews and referrals.


Save on maintaining costly databases. Access your membership and other certifying agencies in one single platform.

Winning corporate clients is easier than you might think

As a diverse-owned business, you already have a competitive edge that other businesses don’t have, and you can use that to your business’s advantage.

Hire Ground facilitates meaningful relationships and conversations between suppliers and buyers through the Hire Ground platform and our matchmaking services.

Here’s a look at how:

Matchmaking for diverse suppliers

With Hire Ground, you’re not just a name in a database. You’re a highly-valued member of an exclusive opportunity.

Completely virtual

No need to hop on a plane to meet buyers. You can connect with them directly from the platform.

Low-risk investment

Pay a small, nominal monthly fee for access to the Hire Ground platform and exclusive RFPs from buyers.

1:1 development and coaching

Access to our team of advisors who are here to help you navigate your business challenges and answer any questions.

Free review of the current process

Live webinars “Do’s” & “Don’ts” of contracting with the Fortune 1000

Access to the Hire Ground Community

Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs, share resources, and find collaboration partners.

Get meaningful introductions to the Fortune 500

No more responding to RFPs and crossing your fingers that you’ll get a callback. No more trying to figure out exactly who to talk to and what they care about. No more being a business name in a list of business names.

Create your profile with Hire Ground as a supplier today and start getting matched!