Hire Ground

Hire Ground was born out of the desire to find a solution to sustaining a robust pipeline of excellent diverse suppliers and connecting them to the enterprise ecosystem.

Our founder, Cloe Guidry-Reed, had a clear vision of her future since she was a little girl and took great notes from her parents. Her mother was the CEO and owner of an established and profitable conference and event planning agency and her dad is a successful corporate executive to this day. This tremendous foundation combined with exceptional training and educational preparation and robust professional experience advising on strategy, risk management, and operations for some of the world’s leading companies afforded her a distinct advantage.

Our Founder

Cloe Guidry-Reed

Cloe has seen firsthand the complex challenges that business leaders face. Overwhelmingly, the corporations she’s worked with care about diversity, equity, and inclusion. They find it difficult to align their good intentions with the myriad daily business decisions that must be made expediently.

As a well-respected corporate risk and operations strategy adviser, Cloe was often privy to tough conversations wherein senior executives grappled with the question of how to operationalize their goals around diversity with the practical demands of conducting business.

Leaning into her intersectional perspective, as a woman, business leader, and diverse supplier, Cloe invented a solution to unlock opportunities for small businesses and suppliers and alleviate a persistent pain point for corporate buyers. Cloe founded Hire Ground with the mission to unlock access and opportunity for many more women and diverse business owners, not just for the chosen few.

Bringing these groups together through technology and with the support of trusted relationship stewards allows us to broker the connections that both groups need, creating a pathway for us all to reach a higher ground.

Join us on a mission to create the future of work where business opportunities are available at your fingertips. Let’s discuss how you can leverage Hire Ground to achieve your business goals.